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How to Know When Mushrooms Are Bad | Mushroom Storing

Mushrooms are nutritious and rich in taste and people use it to add intense flavor to their dishes. But unfortunately, they can’t last long and within a few days, they start turning. They start to wrinkle and their color also starts changing. Cooking bad mushrooms can make you sick so it is quite important to know when mushrooms are bad? 

Also, another fact is that all mushrooms are not edible. Some of them are poisonous or they have hallucinogenic effects. To avoid this always use farm-fresh or store-bought mushrooms. There is low risk if you eat them cooked instead of eating raw mushrooms. 

How to Know When Mushrooms Go Bad?

when mushrooms go bad

Mushrooms are low on calories and their unique texture makes them the best choice for a wide variety of dishes. But, the answer to the question, “will mushroom go bad?” is Yes. Mushrooms go bad after a certain time period. Well, it is not hard to know if mushrooms are rotten or not. Here are some signs that will help you to know when mushrooms are bad. 

Mushrooms will Turn Slimy:

Mushrooms will turn slimy

When mushrooms develop the slight film on their upper layer or if their skin is slimy, then it is the time to throw them away. They are no longer suitable to eat because sliminess occurs when mushrooms have been sitting in the fridge for a long time. Or, you didn’t store them properly. Still, they aren’t dangerous at that point. But if they have gone slimy then they will develop mold soon. So, it is better to get rid of them. 

Mushrooms are Dry Out:

Mushrooms are Dry Out

The other sign to know when mushrooms are bad is that they have wrinkles. If you have older mushrooms stored in your fridge, they won’t get slimy but instead, they will get wrinkles and they will dry out. Well, it is ok to let them dry as it is a bit of a moist vegetable. But definitely, you don’t want your mushrooms wrinkly. So, it is better to toss them away instead of cooking them. 

They will turn Dark: 

The other signs include dark spots on the mushrooms. It is the sign that fungi on the mushroom are starting to go bad. You should keep an eye on the mushrooms throughout the time when they are sitting in your fridge. When you notice that dark spots started to appear, cook them immediately or throw them away. 

when mushrooms are bad

They Emit Foul Odor: 

The fifth sign to know when Mushrooms are bad is their odor. Mushrooms don’t have a strong or noticeable odor. If you stick your nose right close to them, you will notice the light and subtle odor. But when you can smell them from afar, they have gone bad for sure. For example: if you open up the mushroom bag and turn your head because of the odor, it is time to get rid of them. 

How long do Mushrooms Last?

According to the professional chefs and experts, raw mushrooms can last up to 2 weeks, only if you store them fresh and raw. Some of the mushrooms species can last longer, but some of them spoil within a week. Factors like the temperature of the fridge and moisture level can also affect the shield life of mushrooms.

How long do Mushrooms Last

Here, have a look at the life duration of mushrooms. 

  • Fresh mushrooms: 7 to 10 days
  • Sliced mushrooms: 5 to 7 days
  • Dried mushrooms: 2 to 3 years
  • Cooked mushrooms: 7 to 10 days

How to store mushrooms properly in the fridge?

Here are a few tips to store mushrooms properly in the fridge. 

  • You have the crisper drawer in your fridge, but that’s not for your mushrooms. It is because its environment is too moist for mushrooms. 
  • Place mushrooms in the fridge after wrapping them in plastic cover. Also, don’t place them near fruits or anything that has a strong odor. Mushrooms will absorb the smell like a sponge. 
  • Don’t try to stack other food or beverages on top of mushrooms. If mushrooms are bruised or squished, they won’t last long.  
  • Also, don’t try to store mushrooms for a long period. To avoid wastage, buy them when you are going to use them. 
  • In case you want to store mushrooms for more than a week, try freezing them or drying them. In this way, they can last longer. 

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