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What Shoes To Wear with Jeans

Most of the workplaces these days are moving towards a more casual dress code. Because, these jeans are becoming a necessity more in every man’s wardrobe. Wearing denim is surprisingly versatile and you can easily get to see the transition from a day at the office to the night on the town.

To nail down your style, it is very important to choose the right pair of shoes that can complement your jeans. This article can help you to select the right pair of shoes to wear with your jeans.

Important three basics: before buying a new pair of shoes

Before you buy a pair of shoes it is very important to start with the three basics mentioned below.

  • Occasion

Before you decide to purchase the new pair of shoes think about where you are going out. If you are going to wear jeans to work then opt for a more formal shoe that can give a more professional vibe. In case if you work in a tech company you can go with casual footwear.

  • Colour

The next main consideration is the colour. With the colour, you will have to keep in mind about the colour of your shoes but also with the colour and the wash of your jeans. Wearing a pair of neon trainers will not be the best if you have a pair of salmon colour jeans.

  • Shoe material

Shoes come in a wide variety of material starting from the traditional leather to PVC. Considering the shoe material is very important as it can help you to make a statement.

shoes wear jeans

Shoes that you can wear with jeans

Finding the right pair of branded shoes for men that you can style with the denim can be a daunting task. Given below are a few popular options with which you can choose the best one for you.


Nowadays the trends trainers are becoming more popular than ever. If you are looking for the best combination of casual and cool, trainers are a great option.

When it is the trainers, it is not about the chunky dad sneakers. You can go with trainers that have a minimal and sleek appearance. The sleek and the low profile trainers are the best and will perfectly match all the types of jeans. A good pair of trainers can complement your jeans and also can keep your look relaxed and confident. This combination can work the best and will work well with the smart casual dress code.

Monk straps

These are solid footwear for men. It gives you that combination of professionalism but still keeping it casual. These are the great options to pair up with your jeans in the workplace.

The colour and the silhouette are the two primary considerations that you have to look at when you are buying these shoes. Make sure you look out for the classic colours and the materials something like brown leather.


An excellent option to rock with jeans is the boots. This can give you a modern urban look. You can invest in a good pair of Chelsea or the chukka boots if you want to wear boots with the jeans to the workplace.

The colours and the texture are the key components with the boots. When you are buying boots the brown leather and suede will be your best friend as this will give you the rugged yet sophisticated look.


Loafers are the excellent options that you can wear for numerous occasions. Good pair of loafers are essential in any man’s wardrobe as this can enhance the look of the person wearing it. The loafers paired with the denim will work exceptionally well.

Therefore these are some of the shoe types that you can wear with jeans. Still, there are many shoe varieties that give a perfect look when you pair it up with the jeans. Make sure you consider these options and buy the best one that complements your jeans.

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