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7 Outrageous Benefits of Duvet Cover

A duvet is a flat fabric bag filled with some padding materials. It is used both as a topper and sometimes as a top sheet. Being filled with padding materials it offers exceptional softness and fluffiness that not only bring comfort to the bed but also help one to sleep comfortably. And, that’s why you need a duvet cover to protect it. 

Duvet Cover


Duvets provide thermal insulation by limiting the air circulation and make the beds perfectly warm and cozy. They are heavy and thick which is why they can’t be washed or cleaned domestically, so one needs to seek professional assistants for cleaning them. It is, therefore, necessary to cover them with a duvet cover, which is also a fabric bag that can either be flat or filled having one open side to insert the duvets in.

Duvet cover has buttons, ties, & zippers at the open ends mostly. They come in all standard sizes, shapes, color schemes, and prints. Also, you’ll find them in various fabric materials and stitching styles. Which offers one an opportunity to design his/her place according to his/her personal preferences and taste. 

Benefits of the Duvet Cover

Buying interior accessories is an art especially when you know their benefits and purposes. Rightly chosen products not only serve their purpose but also give you a lot more. Similar is the case with the duvet cover, they come in a larger variety that allows one to choose the one that goes well with its place and brings you many benefits as well. These covers are the best treat one can give to his/her duvets, keep on reading to find out why? 

  • Protection of Duvet

As stated above, duvets have a heavy and thick padded bag called insert inside the shell which makes them possible to be cleaned domestically. Covering them with a duvet cover provides the facility to keep the toppers clean and tidy as they cover them from all sides leaving no void.

Duvet Cover


This saves the toppers from regular wear and tear, dust mists, germ settings, and body fluids from getting into them. This makes the toppers stay as fresh as new for years and increase their life. The added layer will also keep the insert in place and prevent the feather’s escape. 

  • Personalization

Duvets come in white or neutral colors only which means one does not have a wide range to choose from. This is likely to create a constant look in the bedroom. Also, neutral colors tend to make a simple interior look more dull and boring. At this point, duvet cover does the wonder, they come in all colors and designs allowing one to choose any that complement its place. They help to update the existing toppers and bring a new aesthetic appeal to the room without spending much.

You can also design your place with changing seasons making bedding a focal point of the place. Buying multiple covers does not cost much and so you can easily experiment with your desired looks to bring life to the bed and give your room a whole new look. 

  • Temperature Adjustment

As stated earlier there come filled or padded covers as well which increase the thermal insulation and warmth of the toppers acting as an added thermal layer. This helps one to control the warmth and create desired cozy space. This feature is very beneficial for cold sleepers and those who live in extremely cold areas. The warmth you are likely to receive greatly depends on the filling material. For instance, cotton covers are a bit cooler whereas flannel covers bring warmth to the bed. 

You can bring airy and cool feeling to the bed using cotton, linen, and bamboo covers as well. Warm sleepers are more likely to get benefitted from them. Also, read the 6 Contemporary Living room curtains ideas to transform your living room. 

  • Easy Maintenance

Duvet covers are light and convenient to wash. They are far less hassle to clean and do not require special care or maintenance techniques. You can put them in the washing machine simply like other clothing items to wash them. Any drying machine can be used to dry them as well. This ease really comes into account when you have kids and pets that use the bed carelessly & increase the washing frequency. Domestic washing helps you save money that you are supposed to spend on dry cleaning. 

  • Easy to store 

In winter you need a heavy and thick topper, so duvets are the first choice. But buying multiple duvets matching with each bedding set not only stresses your budget but also creates trouble when it comes to storing them. Because of their huge size, they need an extra storage area. Instead of buying multiple toppers, duvet covers are the best go-to choice. They are lightweight and do not require much storage area. You can even buy extra seats for the guest’s rooms and some special occasions too. Just like the bedding sheets they can be folded and stored easily in the closet and there’s no need to create extra space.

  • Versatility and Affordability

These covers are versatile as they are made from flat fabrics, you can remove them anytime you want especially in the summer but there’s no need if you have cotton covers. Both lightweight plain and padded covers can be used as a flat sheet or bedspread to sleep under during the summer. Usually, these covers come in the form of sets that contain matching pillow covers and bedding sheets that are available at cheap and affordable rates. With duvet cover, you can easily redecorate your place and create a timeless look in no time. They fit your style and taste and give your place an ultra-plush and extraordinarily beautiful look. 

  • Easy Availability

Due to the extensive use of duvet covers, they are available at affordable rates and readily accessible. Many brands, online stores, and home decor retailers offer a great variety of such covers and their sets. They come in all standard sizes like small, small double, double, king, Queen, and super king size. Each size complements the respective bed size only.

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