Mia McKenna-Bruce Lifestory, Biography, and Facts

Early Life of Mia McKenna-Bruce

Mia McKenna-Bruce is an English actress, born and raised in Sidcup, London Borough of Bexley by her parents Angela McKenna-Bruce, and her father, McKenna-Bruce. Mia is the oldest of her two sisters, Ellis and Anya, who are both, also actresses. She was born in July 1997 which means her Zodiac Sign is Cancer. 

Till 2010, she was a student of the Sapphire Dance Academy in Bexleyheath, as well as Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School, after which she moved to Kent. Here she attended Maidstone Grammar School for Girls until she completed her education. 

Career Journey of Mia McKenna-Bruce

Mia’s acting career began with her first debut in the West End production of Billy Elliot, where she appeared as a ballet girl. From her first role, she moved to playing a minor role in the TV Short called Small Dark Places, where she played the character of Ester. She also played Penny Branning in BBC’s soap opera drama called EastEnders. 

The actress made minor appearances in January 2008, and later in the month of April of the same year. Other short appearances made by the actress include Keira Curtis from The Bill in 2009, and then Doctors, for three episodes.  

In 2009, Mia McKenna-Bruce finally made her way to starring in films, with one of her firsts being the character of Ashle Tyler in The Fourth Kind. for the next three years, she played the main character Tee Taylor in the show Tracy Beaker Returns. She had auditioned for this role when she was just 11 years old, in 2009. During her career, she made several guest appearances and short appearances in shows including Spy for 1, and The Tracy Beaker Survival Files. She then debuted in the Dumping Ground for 4 series consecutively from 2013 to 2016. As of last year, the actress was cast in a feature film, the Rebels, as the lead character. 

Filmography by Year

Year  Role Title
2007 Ester Small Dark Places
2008 Abi Taylor Holby City
2008 Penny Branning EastEnders
2009 Keira Curtis The Bill
2009 Pear Snow Doctors
2009 Ashley Taylor The Fourth Kind
2010- 2012 Tee Taylor Tracy Beaker Returns
2011 Ashley Spy
2011 Tee Taylor Tracy Beaker Survival Files
2013- 2018 Tee Taylor The Dumping Ground
2013 The White Rabbit The Dumping Ground
2014 Tee Taylor The Dumping Ground Survival Files
2016 Tee Taylor The Dumping Ground: I’m…
2017 Asia Lucas Holby City
2017 Mia Milo
2017 Baby SItter Josh
2019 Teen Snogger Piss Off, I Love You
2019 Emily Cleaning Up
2019 Nikki Hit it and Quit it

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Recent Roles: 

In 2019, Mia appeared in two short films, Hit it and Quit it, as well as Watch What I do. She also played the leading role in The Rebels in 2019. Her more recent roles include the lead role of Bree Deringer in Get even, in 2020, and Zoe in the Smudged Smile, 2021. 

Appearances in Video Games:

The actress is also known to have made appearances in video games as Tee Taylor in the Dumping Ground Game, and Dumping Ground: You’re the Boss. in addition to this, she also played the same role in Tracy Beaker Returns: yOu CHoose, in 2011. 

Mia McKenna-Bruce Net Worth and Marital Status

Mia is an actress by profession. It has been estimated that she is paid 36, 000 USD for each episode. This means her estimated net worth is almost 5 million USD. However, this isn’t a fixed estimate since most online sources of her net worth vary. 

According to records, Mia McKenna is single as of 2021. Mia has been in a relationship prior to this, however, the name and details of her ex have not been disclosed. She has not been engaged previously. 

Her Current Projects

Mia McKenna-Bruce has excitedly revealed in a recent interview that she will be focusing on creating a mini web series with Fully Focused during lockdown. She stated that because of the current uncertain conditions due to the pandemic, she is unsure when the industry will be up and running again. 

The actress showed enthusiasm towards roles that involved stunts, because of previous roles involving small stunts. The Witcher has aroused her interest in action work! 

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