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Living Room Decoration: Principles to be Aware of

A properly arranged living room is just the first step towards a beautiful living room. In order for your room to become attractive, attractive, and personal, it is essential not to ignore the investment of mind and money in decoration. In this article, I will introduce you to the “divine” principles for beautiful living room decoration.

Living room decoration style

Depending on your preference, there are many different interior decoration styles for you to choose from.

You can choose for yourself a style such as neoclassical, modern style, minimalistic style, etc. For example, if you choose Scandinavian Scandinavian style, it will bring a room of generosity, Retro style brings nostalgia, Japanese Zen style brings elegance … If you are a person who likes simplicity, you can decorate a simple living room with styles such as modern, minimalism.

However, it is not necessary that you have the same style. Especially if not clever, your room will feel like a showroom with all the items purchased from one store. Instead, you can combine a few different styles to create fun and personality for the room.

Colors and motifs in the living room decoration

The choice of colors for the living room depends on many factors such as the style and the idea that you want to target.

Not to mention too many people, the factor of feng shui is very important to them, at that time the colors were calculated according to the principles of feng shui.

However, as usual, the color of the floor of the room will be the darkest, the color of the medium wall, and the lightest of the ceiling.

Color is also closely related to the sense of space in a room: Color can make the room feel larger or more cramped. So when choosing colors, pay attention to the suitability of the size of your room. If your living room has a low ceiling, or is not very spacious, using bright colors will create a wider, more airy feel; Dark colors should not be used.

Materials and decorations for living room

Choose the right material to increase the aesthetics, while increasing the convenience of the room.

The choice of materials for the living room also depends on many factors such as style, ideas, trends, living conditions, economy, etc.

Luxurious wooden floor, warm in winter; Stone flooring, pay attention to slippery when your home has young children. If you live in a place with a cold winter, you can choose the right carpet material to be warmer.

You may also want to consider using wallpaper. This material is very popular over the past few years because of its economy, variety in designs, helping you get more good ideas for your room.

Add a reflector if needed. Correct use of reflectors is a solution with good results. Mirrors can conceal defects in the room. If your living room has a small area, placing a mirror will help the room feel more spacious and deep. In addition, the mirror also helps to add vitality to your living room.

Make your living room attractive

Balance and symmetry in the layout and decoration of the living room

The balance here is the harmony in terms of the ratio of objects to each other and between objects and the room.

You should not arrange large objects on one side as this will create a sense of imbalance. Items that have the bottom or top part too large will also make the room unbalanced. No matter how beautiful and expensive the furniture, if it is too big or too small for the room, it will create a sense of disproportion. So you should pay attention to the proportions before you shop for furniture. You can also arrange furniture in the room symmetrically to help your living room become more balanced.

In addition, the imbalance in the living room is caused by the use of colors. So when mixing colors, it should be noted about the ratio between appropriate tones to create harmony and balance for the room.

Diversity in unity in the interior design of the living room

To avoid creating a monotonous and boring feeling in the room, you can diversify objects, diversify colors, and diverse lines for the room.

However, arbitrarily overusing diversity can make your room a mess and mess. So consider that variety in the overall layout of the room. Diversity only increases aesthetics when it is set in unity: Everything has to have rhyme, rhythm, orthodoxy, unity in language and lines, etc.

For example, if you are too greedy to hang too many pictures, trying to cram too many trees can create a feeling of confusion, reducing the aesthetics.

Do not because you like an item that you try to buy, you have to see if the language, line, style of the item is suitable for the whole room?

The highlight in living room decoration

In order for the room to become attractive and avoid feeling bored, it is essential that you know how to highlight the room.

A beautiful item, a beautiful picture, or an expensive architectural detail can also become a highlight for a room.

Or arranging U-shaped items around a focal point is also a great way to have an attractive living room. At that time, the focus will act as a highlight for the room. For example, the TV shelf, sound system, and decorative walls behind the shelf can turn into a focal point to create accents. Items such as tables, chairs, tea cabinets, plant pots, etc. are arranged around the center. You may also like to visit here for Living Room Curtains Ideas.

Decorative living room Feng Shui

For many homeowners, the decoration of the living room in feng shui is especially focused on because it affects their fortune. According to feng shui, the living room decoration requires compliance with certain principles if you want to receive a lot of fortune.

Decorate living room according to individual needs and conditions

  • Decorate the tube house’s living room: Because the specialty of the tube house is narrow width and deep length when making decoration, you can use bright colors, use mirrors, and other layout methods to enhance the feeling. width sense for the room.
  • Level 4 living room decoration: Although Level 4 houses are a type of building that does not have a great investment in budget and comfort, they can still be compensated by their eagerness for good design solutions. like cheap, beautiful materials.


So I have introduced you to principles that should be kept in mind in living room d├ęcor. Hopefully, applying these principles will help you get a beautiful, attractive living room and highlight your own personality.

Good luck!

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