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Interesting Facts About Oregon You May Not Know

Oregon is a state in the pacific northwest USA that is ranked 27th on the basis of population. It attained statehood back in 1859 and its bordering states are Idaho, Washington, Nevada, and California.

Oregon is the 9th largest state of the USA with an area of 98,381 sq miles. Salem is the capital of Oregon that is the 2nd largest city of Oregon state. There might be a question in your mind about what is Oregon famous for? Or you must be looking for interesting facts about Oregon.

Well, Oregon is famous for its scenic landscapes of beaches, lakes, parks, forests, mountains, and farms. Find out more facts about Oregon below:

One of unique flag:

Oregon Flag

The Oregon flag has one of the different designs on the front and back sides. The golden and navy blue color features the escutcheon from the state seal on the front side of the flag. While on the backside, it has the print of a beaver that is a state animal.

World’s smallest park Record:

Mill end park

Oregon has the 452 sq inch “Mill end park” that was recognized as the world’s smallest urban park. It has been recorded in the Guinness book of the world record in 1971. This small park is located in Portland downtown (median strip) and it was designed as a city park in 1948.

Interesting history of Portland name:

Many of you might find it interesting that Portland’s name was decided by the coin toss. Asa Lovejoy purchased half of a 640 acre for a quarter and Francis Pettygrove purchased the other half in 1843. Both of the land purchasers wanted to name their territory after their hometown name. Later in 1845, they settled to fix that issue with a coin toss and Pettygrove won the 2 out of 3 flips and that’s how its name was formed as Portland.

Oregon Hazelnuts:

oregon hazelnuts

Oregon hazelnut farms are quite popular as it is the only state to have the official state nut. Oregon hazelnut growers produce 99% of the United States commercial crop of these nuts. 

Oregon Crater Lake:

Oregon Crater Lake

Crater Lake in Oregon is the deepest lake in the United States of America. It is located in the Southern region of Oregon state and it is 1943 feet deep. It was formed when the volcanic mount mazama collapsed to form a giant caldera over 6500 years ago. Along with that, it also owns the title of the 9th deepest lake in the world.

Cannon Beach in Oregon:

Cannon Beach in Oregon

Cannon beach is a popular tourist resort that is located in Oregon. It offers a spectacular view of coastal rocks and a wide stretch of sand. The largest one is Haystack rock and it is almost 72 meters high.

The uncertain name origin of Oregon:

The name origin of Oregon is quite uncertain. This name is believed to drive from the french world called “Ouragan ” which means windstorm or a hurricane. This name was in reference to the strong winds that originate from the Columbia River.

Washington Park Portland:

Washington Park Portland

Washington Park is one of the most delightful parks and gardens in Oregon, USA. The International Rose test garden is located near the Portland Japanese garden which is pretty impressive. This park is the best destination for families as you can explore Oregon zoo and portland children’s museum.

Powell Bookstore:

Powell Bookstore

Powell bookstore is located in Portland, USA. It is worth mentioning here as it is the world’s largest bookstore. It was founded in 1971 and the company started its bookselling business with a loan of 3 thousand dollars. The founder paid that money within 2 months after borrowing.

Largest cheese factory:

Oregon has the world’s largest cheese factory i-e the Tillamook cheese factory. It attracts thousands of people every year. Also, if you are on a self-guided tour you enjoy the assortment of fine food around the premises.

No sale tax on products:

The fun fact that Oregon charges no sales tax on their products may enlighten you if you are a traveler and you love shopping. Oregon is one of the 5 states which provide such relief to the people. The other states include Montana, Alaska, Delaware, and New Hampshire.

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