Five Styles of Shirts Every Guy Must Own

The process of transforming your wardrobe from a mundane to timeless treasure is not merely an easy task to accomplish. People spend thousands of rupees to get the perfect fashionable outfits to make their wardrobe vibrant and stylish, but still, they end up sticking to scope for improvisation. For anyone, a truly treasured wardrobe is something versatile yet trendy.

Styles of Shirts

Having a stylish yet timeless shirt in your wardrobe is the ultimate key to your versatile outfit fashion dream. Because it doesn’t matter how formal or casual you are, ultimately, it all depends on what shirt you are wearing. Your shirt is equally imperative as any other stylish outfit.

So, if you want to revamp your boring wardrobe, then you must start with the basics, which you can purchase from any online shopping website. So, let’s check out five styles of shirts that every man must own-

Classic white shirt

Your fashion or wardrobe will be incomplete until and unless you won’t bring a classic white shirt in it. The white shirt is probably the most versatile in the history of men’s fashion. It is elegant, timeless, and has a splendid charm that can make your day great when paired with any jeans or trousers.

The white shirt is considered the ideal for formal occasions, but it can be donned in the parties and traveling. Perhaps this is why it is staple wear for men.

A linen shirt

Linen is probably the best fabric solely made for the summers. It defines a sense of pure luxury studded with fashion in your wardrobe. Those who love to go on a long drive trip or love to enjoy their holiday at the beach must own a linen shirt in their closet.

Though the shirt’s color may depend on your choices, it would be best for you to go with light shades during summers. The linen shirts are breathable and convey a timeless appeal among people. You can pair it with jeans & trousers to get a hybrid look that satisfies formal & casual demand.

Plaid shirt

Yet another very stylish and fashionable shirt that can make your wardrobe elegant and timeless! The plaid shirt comes with a stylish checkered pattern well suited to blend with bottom wear. The plaid shirt is more of a party wear outfit than its other counterparts, like standard shirts. It has woven fabric with light wool features.

The plaid shirt can be donned with your casual denim pants for the party or a denim short while heading to the beaches. They are very comfortable and all-season shirt for your closet. 

Black shirt

The black shirt is probably the most popular and stylish shirts in men after the classic white shirt. It conveys the royal look with its majestic charm. It doesn’t matter whether you are going for a formal meeting or any party with your friends, the black shirt can make fashion choices a lot easier for you.

It is quite versatile, like a white shirt. You can pair it with your denim jeans for the stylish casual or party wear look, or it can be donned with formal trousers to get the right impression at your office.

Denim shirt

Last but not least, a denim shirt is one of the prominent yet fashionable styles in shirts for men that can make your closet a treasure of super cool shirts. It would be fun for you to wear this super cool denim shirt at the party or going for movies with your friends or family. When paired up with any trousers or jeans, it can make you look fab. Though it is totally up to you to decide when you want to wear your denim shirt, you would look more stylish when you wear your denim in the daylight.   


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