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6 Contemporary Living Room Curtains Ideas

Decorating or redecorating the living room always becomes difficult when it comes to choosing living room curtains because they make a huge difference rather than wall paint, furniture, and other soft furnishings. They play a critical role in determining the overall living room look and functionality of your windows as well.

They are a great way to make a way for dazzling rays of the sun to brighten up your space in winter and block them to keep your place cool in the summer. They hide your teary and old windows and bless with a new and different attire making them appear beautiful. Living room curtains depict your taste too. 

Living room curtains ideas


So, if you are up to changing them, why not put your best to present your taste and style in an appropriate and right way that inspires your guests. While choosing the curtains, you need to keep a few factors in mind considering the color, fabric, fabric weight, texture, and design. With everything right and on the point, you can revitalize your living room. 

If you are looking for some inspirational living room curtains ideas, keep on reading to find out. Below we have rounded up a few of the best living room curtains ideas for you. 

But before going to them, first, determine the purpose of curtains. As curtains can bring a lot of practical changes like making your place brighter, filter out light to make it dark, save you energy, provide thermal insulation, and protect privacy. 

Living room curtains ideas 2

So, before you pick the pair, consult a few questions to help yourself get a better idea of which curtains do you need. What is your window size? Do you have to use your window quite often or rarely? Do you want a sun-kissed or a dark place? Do you have children? Do you like simple or complex pleated looks? Do you want to bring beauty to your place by hanging curtains or just want them to play their functional role only? And last but not the least, do you have a tight budget or enough money to get to design the curtains of your choice? 

You must have been thinking there must be hundreds of ideas since there are a lot of questions, but to your surprise, there are a few exciting living room curtains styles that complement each question/need stated above. Let’s jump to our curtain ideas to help you realize which one you need. 

Go for Sheer Curtains Only

Sheer is the transparent curtains. They come in beautiful neutral and light hues mostly. They suit well to the large windows usually hung from ceiling to floor. They make the place appear brighter, bigger, and fresher. They allow the natural light to create a delightful ambiance inside your place creating a contemporary and sleek look. They are affordable and do not squeeze one’s budget at all.

Sheer Curtains

Moreover, the soft and neutral hues match easily with any interior. The only drawback of using them, they do not provide privacy at all being transparent they make everything inside visible from outside. So if privacy is concerned, consider layering or overlapping them. This will not only make your place safer but also bring more elegance and depth to the windows. 

Layer up the Curtains 

Layer up the Curtains 

When it comes to layering up, no one even a starter cannot go wrong. You can layer up your existing panels with sheer or heavy fabric materials to increase their functionality and create an appealing look creating a new and winning look. It is advised to use a lightweight panel and layer it up with a heavy fabric or use light fabric overall to create layers. Layered curtains bring many benefits like thermal insulation, temperature maintenance, light balance, and privacy protection with them. They also bring a pop of colors and patterns to the place. 

Go for Heavy Draperies

Heavy Draperies

Heavy fabric materials like velvet and blackout are also a good go-to for adding a formal feel to the place. They stand out in all interiors and prove to be a must-have accessory. They protect privacy, provide thermal insulation, and maintain the temperature of the place. Being made from heavy fabric materials they are not recommended to use for the windows you open quite often. Also, note that they require high maintenance and great care when it comes to cleaning them. 

Opt for window scarfs 

window scarfs

You may not have heard of hanging window scarves yourself and know only ready-made curtains that come with a scarf like hanging above them. But we are not talking above hanging scarves over curtains, it is about hanging scarfs only. For those having small windows or narrow living rooms, this idea is the best. You can use any lightweight curtain to drape over the rod and create a scarf like a look. This will enlighten your interior by giving it a stylish and opulent look, also making your windows appear more prominent than ever.

Add a pop of colors with multi-colored panels

You may have read to stick to neutral panels only or go for the dark and deep shades because they create a formal and sophisticated look. It is one of the best living room curtains idea. We don’t say it’s wrong but this might make you suffer from a color phobia. We advise you to play with bold and bright colors.

You can choose any bright or bold color from the color palette that matches the soft furnishing or furniture of your place. This will create a complementary look adding an accent to them. To balance out the vibrance, plants, certain light firing, and minor hangings can work. Also, have the look at the ultimate list of welcome home sign ideas

Add blinds and shades to compliment curtains

compliment curtains


You may have used them all alone; like either the shades or the curtains. But pairing up with curtains can bring an elegance and sophistication to the windows adding more to their practical functionality as well. Note that always choose the complementing colors for your living room curtains, instead of matching ones for a better artistic look. Before adding them note them how they work. They should not reduce the mobility of your curtains at any rate. Certain hangings and curtain accessories can be used to complete the look.

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