The Ultimate List of Welcome Home Sign Ideas

Homecoming means a lot of fun. Everyone wants to welcome their homies with the awesome welcome home sign ideas. You must have watched any story or video of homecoming/welcome home that goes viral on the internet. Well, there are tons of videos and surprise homecoming videos are the best of them. 

No matter if someone is returning from military deployment, or coming back from business or study trip, it is always fun to welcome them home. 

The day your loved ones come home is one of the most anticipated days of their life. It is quite unforgettable and emotional as well. And, you can make it more stunning and memorable by welcoming them in a special way. 

Table of content

  • Welcome home sign ideas
  • How to create a welcome home sign?
  • Home welcome sign ideas for parents
  • Welcome home sign ideas for spouse
  • Welcome home sign ideas for friends
  • Unique ideas to display welcome home signs

Welcome home sign ideas:

You need to be a little bit picky to create a unique welcome home sign. Well, don’t stress out if you are not creative enough to create home sign ideas. You can just create a simple DIY home welcome sign as you like. If you are not artistic or crafty, but still want to design some custom homecoming sign, we are here to help you. 

welcome home sign ideas

How to create a welcome home sign?

You can use Canva, PowerPoint, or any other online tool as it will let you save your image as a jpeg. After that, you can upload it to an office depot or similar webs to turn it into a poster board sign. You can print it later whenever you need it. 

In case, you want to create handmade welcome home posters or designs, you can take other family members also to create something stunning. Make them bring their charts, or poster boards and use markers, paintbrushes, stencils, glitter, etc to make a creative homecoming poster.  

Popular home welcome sign ideas:

Here are some of the slogans which you can use to welcome your loved ones. 

From kids to parents:

Watching a reunion between the family is quite sentimental and it brings tears of joy in our eyes. Here are some of the funny welcome home sign ideas to make you laugh. 

welcome home sign ideas from kids to parents
  • Welcome Mom and Dad, we are out of pancakes. 
  • Hi dad, you owe Mom some diaper changes
  • I am glad you’re home dad, Mom quit 2 days ago!
  • Hey dad, I took good care of mommy, now it’s your turn.
  • Hey mommy! What’s for dinner?

Welcome home sign ideas for spouse:

Whether your better half is gone for a month or year, you will be so excited to welcome them home. Well, it depends on your relationship, it can be cheesy, romantic, or more realistic. You can use the following saying to write on the welcome poster. 

welcome home sign ideas for spouse
  • I tried to find a cute saying, but all I can think of your cute face
  • Here to pick the love of my life. 
  • My other half is coming home today
  • Hi, my Name is Mr. Husband, and I like warm hugs.
  • Happiness is being in the arms of my better half
  • You owe me a hug. Come!
  • Finally, you are here. Took you long enough

Welcome home sign ideas for friends:

We all know that feeling when our BFF is far. We all get excited when they are coming back. Here are some ideas to welcome your best buddy. 

  • Come on buddy! Party is on.
  • I will never let you go that long again
  • I am glad, you’re home, now let’s jump in the sack
  • Come over here and pucker up!
  • Bro! I miss you. Never leave me here again

Unique ideas to display welcome home signs:

After deciding the welcome sign, the next step is to make it and display it in a unique way possible. Here are some of the exclusive ideas to display welcome home signs. 

  • Make words on t-shirts or if you have kids or family members, put the words on the shirt and make them figure it out. 
  • Add the slogan on the cake if you are throwing a welcome home party. 
  • Grab some paints and write some sassy saying on the front doors or windows. 
  • Use chalk to write a message on the driveway or put a big banner with a slogan there.
  • Order a sign and decorate the front yard with balloons, signs, etc accordingly.
  • Make it more special by decorating their room, door, or apartment with a huge welcome sign.

Use these slogans and ideas to welcome your family, spouse, or friends awesomely. Happy Homecoming!!

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