Hi, everyone!

I am so glad you stopped by my blog. If you are reading this, I am sure you must be as passionate about lifestyle, outdoor decoration, health, and home décor as I am. I just love keeping myself busy with changing the look around myself. It helps me stay calm and make useful decoration out of the potential things lying around my house.

If you love redecorating, then you will enjoy reading all my blogs, that is for sure.

A little insight into my life:

Katie Dozier

My name is Katie Dozier. I graduated from Florida State University with a degree in creative writing. Writing has always been my passion. It helps me pen down my thoughts when I am alone or when I need some me-time. I can pour my heart out when I write, and my pen and paper will not judge me. As a professional creative writer, I pursued to create a blog and help people with something. And what is better than home décor and lifestyle? Everyone seems to be interested in such a niche, and I love writing about it. It is the best combo ever!

I write about creative ways one can change the way their house looks. Of course, everyone gets tired and bored with the setting and furniture all their lives. So, I help them with making their houses look prettier.

My blogs also have tips and tricks about lifestyle. I am an enthusiast when it comes to taking care of yourself. These simple and easy tips help a person maintain a good life and live well.

On the other hand, I play poker as a means of earning. After graduating from university in creative writing, I chose to learn more about cooking. Hence, my passion drove me wild, and I chose to pursue culinary skills from a culinary school.

While I was learning culinary, I started playing poker online, and I still do. It keeps me busy during the rest of the day I am not writing or learning at the school. My love for poker grew, even more when I had met my better half: my husband, Collin Moshman.

He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. He helped to make playing poker online to another level. And for my love for poker, I abandoned my passion for cooking and left the culinary school to play online for the entire time.

Nothing to brag about, but I think I play poker pretty well. For this reason, I teach others how to play poker. I write blogs and articles to help newbies how to play poker, and I have received an award for my work to help others and write about it.

I was awarded Maven Award in 2011 for my articles I wrote to help the world with playing poker like a professional. Similarly, I also make poker training videos at DragTheBar, which is one of the biggest sites in the world where poker is played on an extremely passionate level.

Besides all this, I love cooking like I already mentioned, my love for hiking is severe, and I am also highly fervent about wine, poetry, art, painting, and traveling!

Currently, I live with my husband in Las Vegas. We moved here from Florida quite a while ago. I hope I can mesmerize you with my content, and you can become one of my avid readers!

Thanks for reading. Cheers!