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6 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Improve Your Wedding Favor Bags

This method of giving wedding favors to the guests is one hundred years old. And was first started in European Europe, the wedding favors were given a more traditional name Bonboneirre. These were made with help of crystal or porcelain. These little trinket boxes or bags had small sugar dices in them or some dry fruit.

But why do people give wedding favors? The answer is as sweet as simple. Giving wedding favors to the guests is simply a way of expressing gratitude. It is a sweet gesture of showing thankfulness to the guests for arriving at the wedding and taking time out of their schedules.

This tradition is still practiced in the majority of the world. These are more commonly known as favor boxes now. These favor boxes also supplement the wedding theme and enhance the wedding event. With time and innovation, the sugar dices in the favor bags are now switched with chocolates or scented candles.

Ways of Decorating Wedding Favors:

For a do it yourself bride and event planner taking care of the decoration of the wedding favor boxes is also very important and challenging. It is ideal to make the wedding favor according to the entire theme of the wedding. One way of beautifying these favor boxes is to use flowers.

  • Passionate Flowers:

If you want to create a passionate feel, you can use burning passionate flowers. For keeping it simple and pure, you can use ribbon roses or diamond pearl flowers. Either way, your wedding favor will look stunning and elegant. A gold foiled tip flower is commonly used and placed over the bottom of the wedding favor bags wholesale and this will enhance the beauty of your theme or bride’s dress is also having a touch of gold in it.

  • Paper Flowers:

With advancement, you can use and check different paper flowers available in the market. You can use transparent organza flowers to enhance the elegancy or you can make it look more girly with butterfly or dragon accessories placed over the top covering of the favors. For increasing the floral options, the best way to be creative is to use calla lily or ribbon rosebuds. Some pretty original fresh lilies or roses can also be used to augment the exquisiteness of the favor bags.

Wedding Favor Bags

  • Ribbons Or Stickers:

To make your wedding favor bags more elegant or creative you can use glue and attach bow-shaped ribbons over the front with the color that matches the theme of the wedding. Usually, bright organza colors are used at weddings but if you are from the groom’s side, anything boyish can be expected.

  • Images Of The Couples:

Another beautiful way to make these wedding favors look tremendously gorgeous and welcoming is its color to print the couple images and cutely paste these over the wedding favor bags.

  • Graphics Or Printing:

Despite all the above ways, the wedding favor bags can be printed with different colors and textures with the help of texture printing and the bag can give a classic look through the printing of different colors over it. The colors can be either similar to the theme of the brides and groom dress or anything simpler and attractive can be used. You can use professional help for this.

  • Use Online Design-Based Bags:

If you are not, sure about what sort of design you can go for it is best to select the design of online printing and designing websites that are interested in designing a wedding bag for your perfect day. You can explain your dos and don’ts and let them create something spectacular.

Wedding Favor Bags

How to Make Favor Boxes with a Simple Touch of Flowers:

If you are, a DIY bride and you want to make simple favor boxes with the help of flowers all you need is

  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Gift box
  • Colored papers
  • Ribbon for making spiraled flowers.
  • And calipers with scales

The first step is to gather all the material and choose your favorite color gift box, which is to be decorated into wedding favor flower style. Use calipers first. Open them to about two inches. Next use colored papers and with the help of a lead pencil draw circles over the papers with the help of calipers. Reduce the size of the opening of calipers to about one inch and make small size circles. Once the circles are with under both sizes, take scissors and start cutting them neatly and with precision. Start cutting from the outer edge side and gradually move towards the middle or central part of the paper. Gather the middle corners and wrap the papers giving it a curling effect.

Once completely twirled it will give a cone-shaped appearance. Do not tighten these spiral flowers but loosen them a bit so that they bloom like an original flower. Once loosen a bit use glue and place it over the outer corners of the spiral paper. Make a bunch of these spiral papers and give them the appearance of clusters. But this is not necessary you can place these individually as well. In a cluster, form place glue over the base of the flowers and gather them to be placed over the corner of the gift box. If not in clusters, you can place these separately as well.

After placing the flowers, you can use two-way ribbons. Make sure that your ribbon is sufficient enough to be stretched all across the box lid. Place glue underneath the ribbon and neatly place it either at one side of the favor box or you can use two sides as well. Once the glue is dried, you can place the lid over the box and Ta-Da it’s done.

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You can also customize these favor boxes according to your wedding theme. If you have, a sufficient budget you can make these favor boxes more creative with the help of lilies or rose. You can use golden-buttoned flowers or organza flowers to make these look precious. It all depends on your choice.

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